Going from the living room to competitive career, Gaming has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Bring your gaming fashion into the modern day with unique Venn eyewear.  Our lens technology cuts glare and HEVs, upgrading your eyes for increased comfort and performance.  Even if you don't know the latest frame-perfect sequence-breaking pro-strats.

Created with Digital Eyestrain in mind, our glasses improve your screen time and keep you looking good.

Want to stay up gaming?  Venn lenses block High Energy Blue light, helping to strengthen your natural sleep cycle.

Unisex Frames

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Introducing the missing modern accessory. Designed with modern style in mind, these computer glasses by Venn Eyewear protect your eyes from the symptoms of digital eye strain. The unique blue blocking technology and anti-glare coating shields your eyes from the harsh light of computers, tablets and mobile devices. The modern frames on the computer eyewear are stylish and comfortable allowing your to take on those long hours in front of computer screens with confidence.